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Tamult in brief

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AS Tamult is mechanical and thermodynamical engineering company. It was founded in year 1992. Our main activities include engineering and supplying of biomass fired boiler plants and manufacturing material handling machines. We have installed over 400 MWth capacity of renewable energy plants over Baltic States, Scandinavia and Russia.

Our products and solutions include: boiler plants on different kind of fuels and heat carriers, biomass fired CHP plants, different solid bulk materials handling machines like scraper conveyors, screws, moving floors, silos etc. Company has it’s own experienced personel for the range of activities that guarantees for customer quality and later full service maintenance.

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Biomass fired boilers and moving grate furnaces PreBio™

Tamult is one of the leading suppliers of biomass fired medium and small scale heating and power plants in Baltic region. Renewable energy sources like wood waste, bark, peat, forest residues are turned into heat and electricity via flexible combustion system like PreBio technology. Our offered incinerator moving grate boiler plants have high efficiency, low emissions norms, are fully automated and designed for customer’s needs. Solutions include heat carriers as hot water, steam, thermal oil as well hot gas generation. Capacity range is from 1 MWth up to 25 MWth.

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Heavy/light oil and gas fired boiler plants

We design and supply oil and gas fired boiler plants as turn-key projects for renovating existing systems or for reserve to biomass boilers peak load. Our scope of supply includes known trademarks  boilers (shell type, water tube) and burners for heavy, light oil and gas fuels. By heat carriers boilers can be hot water, steam or thermal oil medium. Our automation department has good knowledges for connecting biomass boilers in cascade with fossil fuel boilers.  As turn-key delivery we supply and install all necessary auxiliary equipments as chimney, piping work, water treatment, electricity installation etc.   

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Flue gas cleaning and heat recovering systems

Nowadays clean energy production includes many technological possibilities to meet environmental regulations. Tamult supplies for your needs suitable customized cleaning solutions to control air emissions. We can offer products for dry and wet flue gas cleaning, cleaning with heat recovery from flue gases – scrubbers, multicyclones, bag filters. As well our range of products include industrial fans for transporting gaseous mediums. Solutions are applicable for energy industry, wood and cement industry etc. 

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Material handling devices

Company designs and manufactures most of the mechanical devices to handle biomass fuels, ash and other kind of bulk materials, that includes chain and screw conveyors, hydraulically moving floor silos, bins and feeders, disc screens, rotary feeders, etc. Those equipments are applicable as well in wood industry, pellet factories, sludge handling, agriculture farming. Equipments have robust design and long life endure.

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Chain and screw conveyors, moving floor silos, feeders, bins etc

Biomass fuel handling and other solutions are customized to fit the requirements of applicable plant. Our technology is designed with long time experiences and know-how together with our partner Saxwerk AB. Technology is highly reliable and robust, it can be installed as well into existing plants. Conveyors and silos are chosen and designed by type of transported bulk material. Chain conveyors are available up to 450 m³/h. Moving floor silo optimal maximum capacity is up to 1000  m³.

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Steel construction products

Tamult manufactures in own workshop as well many kind of steel constructions according customer drawings or by our designs. These includes platforms and stairs, steel supporting frames for equipments and buildings, containers, piping works, tube heat exchangers, air and flue gas channels, chimneys etc. We carry out as well installation works at Site. We offer also dismantling of objects.

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