Over 400 mw equipment produced
The oldest working device is over 25 years old
Product development is done by in-house specialists
Own installation and maintenance team

Electricity and automation

In the field of heat and energy management, we offer the design and construction of electrical and automation systems from the planning of the customer’s wishes all the way to the implementation and tuning.

Tamult AS develops, reconstructs and manufactures automated control units for boiler plants operated with different types of biomass (wood chips, crushed bark etc). Due to these control systems, it is possible to control the entire cycle of processes from fuel storage to the combustion chamber.

Programming and design work is performed by engineers who can adjust the automated control units for already existing boiler plants. Automated control units are produced in accordance with EU standards.

  • Terminal dimensions and functions are calculated based on customers’ wishes. 
  • The operator’s terminal displays the current equipment functions and stores all parameters. 
  • The device can be adjusted to different languages. 
  • The operator’s panel is equipped with multi-level protection.

It is possible to connect to the operator’s terminal through Internet, allowing our experts to regulate the plant systems remotely.


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