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Flue gas cleaning and condensing equipment

In the energy field, more and more attention is being paid to waste heat from flue gases. By using modern cleaning and heat recovery devices, it is possible to achieve a heat production unit with high efficiency and low environmental footprint, and running costs.

Tamult develops and manufactures technological devices to efficiently use waste heat and clean flue gases from solid particles. This cleaning technology has risen to the agenda, as the new climate directives of the European Union require that the corresponding devices be installed on the heating systems.

Tamult designs, supplies, and installs multi cyclones and flue gas filters (bag and electric filters). They clean the flue gas generated during the production of heat primarily from solid volatile particles, the concentration in old combustion devices is, on average, 5-10 times higher than the limit values ​​entered into force by the average power combustion devices directive.

Flue gas condensers and gas scrubbers are suitable for efficiently using waste heat, increasing boiler houses’ efficiency. In this way, energy loss with outgoing exhaust gases is reduced, and the efficiency of heat production is increased. Depending on the operating mode of heating devices and the needs of heat consumers, it is possible to increase the efficiency by an average of 15-25%, under favorable conditions, up to 30%. Because of this, flue gas condensers are well suited for district heating boiler houses running on moist biofuels, where the temperatures of the heat carrier are low, and the amount of energy hidden in the flue gas is high.

The equipment being developed ensures the environmental friendliness of boiler houses and fulfills all modern requirements for emissions. The client is offered the opportunity to benefit from the investment by producing additional energy, which also makes the environmentally friendly investment profitable. In addition, we design and manufacture flue gas ducts in various plates of steel, black, Cor-Ten, or stainless steel. We also insulate and cover smoke ducts with tin.


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