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The oldest working device is over 25 years old
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Solid biofuel boilers and grate furnaces

We manufacture and install fully automatic grate furnaces and boilers for the production of heat and electricity that meet modern standards. We offer solutions for burning biofuels (wood chips, wood waste, peat, municipal waste, garbage, etc.) with hot water, steam and thermal oil boilers with a capacity of 1 MW to 20 MW. They can be used in district and local heating, combined heat and power plants, wood industries, etc.

Combustion gases from the grate hearth are directed to the hot water, steam, or thermal oil boiler, where energy transfer occurs. The power range of the technology developed and manufactured by Tamult AS is 1 to 20 MW. Areas of use: district and local heating, combined heat and power plants (CHP), wood industries, pellet mills, etc.

Grate hearths have a large hearth volume, with cast and laid masonry. The grate top of the hearth is divided into zones: drying, burning, and cremation zone. During combustion, the flame moves back towards the feeder, which promotes the drying the fuel entering the hearth. The primary pressure under the hearth is also divided into zones. The choice is air as a system of moving grates with water cooling. The secondary pressure is applied on top of the grate and between the vault and the grate. The hearths are equipped with flue gas recirculation mixed with secondary air. The thickness of the fuel layer in the hearth (on the grates) is checked with IR sensors.

Typical scope

  • Horizontal hot water boiler 6 bar 130 º complies with PED 2014/68/EU
  • A grate hearth with moving grate rows equipped with a fuel feeder
  • Grilles with a minimum chromium content of 26%
  • Cast iron side plates with a minimum chromium content of 26%
  • Primary pressure divided into combustion zones
  • Primary air fan with frequency regulator
  • Secondary air/flue gas recirculation fan with frequency controller
  • Recirculation mixed with secondary air
  • Primary and secondary air ducts and control valves with actuators
  • IR level sensors to maintain an even fuel level on the grate
  • Level sensors and camera cooling
  • Preheating of the primary air by cooling the external surfaces of the combustion chamber
  • Fire-resistant insulation, masonry, and bricks
  • Hydraulic ash scraper under the grate for automatic ash removal
  • Hydraulic hearth grates and ash scraper for moving. Shut-off valves, hydraulic pipelines
  • Hydraulic cylinders for moving the hearth grates and the ash scraper under the grate
  • Automatic pneumatic heating surface cleaning system (Airshot)
  • Optional: water-cooled stationery and moving grate carriers


  • High efficiency and lowest emission
  • Strong and reliable design
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Reliable rated power with all fuels used
  • Long service life of the combustion chamber
  • Quick and easy installation thanks to pre-assembled modules

Used fuels

  • Wood chips
  • Cream
  • Peat
  • A mixture of milling peat and wood chips
  • Wood pellets, peat pellets.
  • Fuel humidity 10-60%
  • Size [nominal length mm]: ≤ 100


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